matrix madar

matrix madar



MBDSP is the next generation enterprise big data solution generator; it will enable organization to adopt big data solution for their incremental needs in just few days.

MBDSP is based on proprietary Big Data Abstraction units we call “Cubes”

Abstraction is the key !

functional abstraction

functional abstraction


With our deep understanding of the Big Data landscape and the various technologies, we have managed to create proprietary configurable/reusable units that solve a given functional problem

buisiness abstraction

business abstraction


Each industry has its unique characteristics thus unique ways of extracting value through the use of big data. Our experts work around the clock, studying each sector and developing modular customizable solutions, that will get you up and running in the matter of days.


Deployment abstraction


With MBDSP we offer the most comprehensive, easy to use, fully customizable deployment scheme. We can deploy your solution, in house, on private or public clouds, the choice is yours.