Madar Consulting offers a wide range of services, we have a team of experts that we put at your disposal, they will study your requirements and deliver you a comprehensive report that will greatly facilitate the adoption of a big data solution. At it’s core madar has a unique platform that can easily adapt to the nuances of your business. It will get you up and running in few days, you can chose to take it as is or we could modify it to suit your needs

we provide you with two core services




Our Advisory and consulting services are designed to help you succeed in implementing the best Big Data solution for your company.


We provide you with cutting edge Big Data solutions custom made for your requirements, tailor made for your domain specific needs.


Other Services

High-volume data processing

Get a software solution optimized to be extremely fast, designed to be executed in hardware clusters of any size.

Smart Analytics

Find-out amazing, previously unknown insights from your data; using our data mining and machine learning techniques.


Scale automatically your system if the volume of your information increases.

Any source

Import data (structured or unstructured) from any source (static or streaming) and get a unified view of all information for better analysis.

Social Media Analysis

Analyze the information coming from social networks. Integrate the data into your business information and get new view to make better decisions

Low latency

Obtain a real-time Big Data software solution thanks to our real time processing systems.

Multiple output

Control and query all your data from a dashboard in real-time. Generate reports, graphics or export the information and results for interoperability.

Internet of Things

We are specialized in the capture and processing of real-time data from networks of connected sensors and objects through the use of machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies. Our main applications are focused on Smart Cities, security, transport, healthcare, environment and information access.

Recommendations Systems

To discover potential customers with products or services that they need and like. Our recommender systems take millions or billions of signals into account and make complex trade offs between different recommendation strategies and product selections.